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Just a page for me to keep track of the audiobooks I've listened to, and what I thought of them.  Beware spoilers.


Top 100* Book Author Read again? Thoughts
1 Ender's Game Orson Scott Card Yes My grade 7 teacher, Cliff McCulloch, lent me his copy many years ago, which I read countless times. Finally returned it 7 years later before moving away from the Lake, but it didn't take long for me to pick up a copy of my own!
2 Dune Frank Herbert Yes As much as I love Ender's Game, I can't believe Dune is not #1 on the Top 100 Sci-Fi list.  EDIT: Assuming the Top 100 is based off the list I link to at the bottom of this table, it looks like Dune did overtake Ender's Game at some point.  Rightfully so.
3 Foundation Isaac Asimov No I don't remember too much about this book, but I'm fairly sure I remember being very glad it was finally over.
4 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams No Hilarious, but probably won't ever give it a second go.
5 1984 George Orwell No An amazing read.  Also incredibly depressing.
6 Stranger in a Strange Land Robert A Heinlein Yes I did not grok in fullness after my first read, and will try again soon.
7 Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury Yes The first book I tried in audiobook form -- was an excellent choice.
8 2001; A Space Odyssey Arhur C Clarke No I know I may be guilty of heresy, but I didn't really care for either the book or the movie.
9 Starship Troopers Robert A Heinlein Yes I really liked the movie when it came out, but after reading the book I really want to see a reboot that follows it more closely.  On an unrelated note, that was the movie where my friends and I first encountered Macrovision!
10 I, Robot Isaac Asimov Yes I don't recall there being a bad short story in the bunch.
11 Neuromancer William Gibson Maybe I didn't make it the whole way through.  I think it was the last book before I discovered Smart Audiobook Player, which allows you to increase playback speed, so maybe I should give it another try.
12 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Philip K Dick Yes The only thing I "knew" about this book/movie was that Deckard is a replicant, which made for an interesting read because I kept thinking "OK, this is where he figures it out...", and of course was wrong every time.
13 Ringworld Larry Niven No I was glad that Teela turned out to be more than just a fuck buddy for Louis, but the idea that luck is a genetic trait that can be selectively bred is ridiculous.  I might give the sequels a try, because the story was interesting aside from that detail.
14 Rendezvous with Rama Arthur C Clarke Yes I don't remember very much happening, but I do remember being eager to hear more of it.
15 Hyperion Dan Simmons Shit No A few of the tales were quite interesting, but overall I just wanted to be done with it.  If I had known they wouldn't even meet the shrike, I probably would have given up part way through.
16 Brave New World Aldous Huxley No Maybe I was still just pissed after Hyperion, but I really didn't enjoy this one at all.  Surprised to find it in the top 20.
17 Time Machine, The H G Wells Yes Made up for Brave New World, and maybe even Hyperion.  Would definitely like to read this again.
18 Childhood's End Arthur C Clarke Yes The ending seemed a little too out there...would have preferred it if the Overlords turned out to be Vogons in disguise, or something like that.
19 Moon is a Harsh Mistress, The Robert A Heinlein Yes.  1000 times Yes. Listened to this shortly after Fahrenheit 451, and was blown away.  I love the story, I love the voice acting.  To be honest it probably negatively affected the next few books I listened to because it was so amazing.
20 War of the Worlds, The H G Wells No  
21 Forever War, The Joe Haldeman Yes Somewhat predictable in that the war was all a misunderstanding, but I enjoyed it anyway.
22 Martian Chronicles, The Ray Bradbury Read, not Listen I think I need to sit down and read this one myself.  The audiobook doesn't make it clear when transitioning from one story to the next, so I find myself a little lost and needing to repeat portions once I realize "oh, we've moved on", so I gave up fairly quickly.
23 Slaughterhouse Five Kurt Vonnegut Yes An excellent combination of non-fiction and science-fiction.
24 Snow Crash Neal Stephenson Yes Loved it.  I hope Amazon does something great with the TV show.
25 Mote in God's Eye, The Larry Niven &

Jerry Pournelle

Yes I thought for sure we would blow up the Moties, and then ourselves be exterminated by the pair of watchmakers Bury was trying to bring home.

Left Hand of Darkness, The

Ursula K. Le Guin

No I'm enjoying it so far, but don't believe I'd ever want to read it a second time.
27 Speaker for the Dead Orson Scott Card Yes I don't read it as often as Ender's Game, but it's great to go through the whole series once in awhile.
38 Contact Carl Sagan Yes I really liked the movie, but I thought the book was Billions and Billions times better.
42 Cryptonomicon Neal Stephenson Yes Bobby Motherfucking Shaftoe.
61 Ender's Shadow Orson Scott Card Yes After reading Ender's Game so many times, it was interesting to see some of the events from another point-of-view.
71 Door into Summer, The Robert A Heinlein Yes So there was a bit of a creepy vibe near the end, but aside from that I found this story super interesting.
- American Gods Neil Gaimon Yes Typing this reminds me that Season 2 just started airing...hopefully it's better than the first.
- Armada Ernest Cline No Too much was just too obvious.
- Cat Who Walks Through Walls, The Robert A Heinlein Fool me once... I'll be honest, I was sad that Mike's fate was unclear at the end of TMIAHM.  While reading about the book after listening to the book I came across this post on Reddit, which had a reply that made me assume TCWWTW would have answers I was looking for.  Boy was I wrong.  To top it off, the narration was absolute shit, so yeah I'd rather do Hyperion than this book again.
- Damned Chuck Palahniuk Yes After finishing I remember thinking "What the hell did I just read?" but looking back now, it was actually pretty good.  I didn't realize there was a sequel until just now, so maybe I'll check that out soon.
- Dark Tower Series, The Stephen King No It's an amazing series, but it's a No to reading again for a few (spoiler filled) reasons.  1) Because holy shit it's long.  2) Because fuck the fact that poor Roland is on repeat.  3) Because fuck Patrick Danville and his magical fucking eraser even harder.  4) And finally, because King narrated The Wind Through the Keyhole, and it is unbearable to hear him pronounce Deschain.
- Neverwhere Neil Gaimon Yes Gaimon is an excellent narrator -- I would probably listen to him read the phone book.  The fact that the story is amazing is just a bonus.  I do feel like it was over much too soon though, and hope for a sequel one day.
- Norse Mythology Neil Gaimon Yes I repeat, Gaimon is an excellent narrator.  This wasn't at all what I expected, but it was excellent nonetheless.
- Ready Player One Ernest Cline Yes Some of the references were a little too old for me, but for the most part it was a welcome trip down memory lane.
- Something Wicked This Way Comes Ray Bradbury No Thought I would try this shortly after Fahrenheit 451, but couldn't get into it.
- Tuck Everlasting

Natalie Babbitt

Yes My wife suggested it.  Definitely not something I would ordinarily read, but it turned out to be excellent.

*Top 100 refers to the book's rank in a torrent I found, which I believe may be based off an earlier version of this list: http://scifilists.sffjazz.com/lists_books_rank1.html